About Us


About US

Welcome to the team of Best Wedding Photographers in Lucknow
- Foto Print Studio

Foto Print Studio is a group of photographers & cinematographers established in the year 2019 by Mr. Naveen Kumar , who find a sense of accomplishment in building trust and robust relationships with their clients and crave to see them happily contended with our work. Spreading smiles and constructing cheerful memories is what we are famous for, as the best pre-wedding photographers in Lucknow. We love to travel with our clients on their journey of happy days and make our best efforts to deliver as per our promise. Indian weddings are larger-than-life celebrations and are rather colorful and wild. The regal decor, lavish spread and shrilling music reflects nothing less than a Bollywood flick! Your wedding day is the most special day of your life.

It is a lifetime event that marks an important milestone in your life and is filled with a plethora of emotions, rituals, traditions and happy moments. It embraces some of the most beautiful memories...Memories that are priceless. You cannot remember each moment of your marriage but you do not want to forget them as well. Magic happens when these incredible moments are captured and saved for life. The romantic glances, joyful tears and beautiful smiles, which tell your true love story, should resonate in the wedding album. That's why we work to capture each amazing shot of your wedding with our stunning creativity.

At Foto Print Studio we showcase life at its best- in its truest forms- in its most vibrant colors! The warmth of love flowing between two people cannot only become an inspiration for many like me to believe in its beauty and replicate it but change the perspective of looking at world all together.

Why to Choose Foto Print Studio ?

Naveen Kumar is one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow having 9 years of experience in photographing weddings throughout India. The only art interests him is photography. He is known for his creativity in capturing the real essence and moments of the events like pre wedding photography and candid wedding photography. Naveen Kumar and his professional team are cognitively skillful and express their trait in capturing and freezing your special moments as they deserve to be-- uniquely, honestly and exquisitely.

Naveen Kumar lives and breathes photography. It is something that comes natural to him. His creative mind and expert hands behind the camera have created magic in freezing romantic and soulful moments that come once in lifetime of couples and families. Be it pre wedding, candid or wedding occasion, he brings a unique blend of creative thinking and thought process to deliver personalized and special craftsmanship in his photography.

For him, photography is not just to take pictures like any other photographers do, but to take pictures like you deserve, and the way you want. The major focus always remains on delivering quality to your utmost satisfaction. This is something that is not compromised. His work speaks volumes about his creativity behind every shot he takes.

What we think?

Compel your audience. Capture the moment. Light with purpose.

Our Mission

To make the experience of reliving and sharing emotions through photography easy, enjoyable and profoundly intense. To attract more people to digital photography. To be a brand recognized throughout the world for its product range, advanced technology, design and innovative ways of celebrating life’s greatest moments.

Our Vision

To be the best company in the World at helping photographers market, operate and scale their businesses.To help create a world where emotions are enhanced and the enjoyment of everyone’s best experiences can be extended, celebrated and shared with others thanks to groundbreaking technology and expertly designed products.

Why Us?

We give you many reasons to choose us for your memorable occasion. We understand that your memories are precious and put in extra work to keep them live forever. Our team of professionals have years of experience in providing quality through innovation, craft which you have never seen before.