As we get old, our beautiful memories begin to fade. Most of the times, our memories get jumbled around and while while we may specifically remember a specific moment, the side features and details are gone forever to us over time. We grow older our many memories go vanish, but with wedding videography your special day is totally preserved and can be relished at any you wish.

Only photos and or extemporary non-professional recordings is not the best idea, not only do you miss the most of the essential events you also miss the sneak peek that is only acquired on video. Along with the vows and exchange of rings, there are also the speeches, special events, the reception, as well as things behind the scenes that the happy couple may have missed.


Some Exceptional Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas For Couple!

In the era of social media, aren’t marriages all about photos these days? If you are going to get married and doing many preparations then you will be more excited about the pre-wedding preparation and ideas. The pre-wedding photo shoot is one of the best for a couple if they truly live the moment with the essence of love.If you want best ever photographs with your loved one then explore your likes and dislikes and incorporate them into your photo shoot. And in today’s time, nothing is impossible when it comes to photo shoot.

So, if your wasting time by thinking what will suit you and your partner, then go through the below article as we have picked some amazing ideas and creativity for your pre-wedding shoot.


Some Amazing Tips For Candid Photography

Its probably the first class of acting when you are asked to forget that a lens is looking at you. Embrace the moment. Live, feel alive and let the candid moments fill up the viewfinder. Be silly be stupid. Be yourself. Just be. The lens captures you in your aware and unaware moments. The thousand yard stare. Here are some tips on how to make those candid shots bookable.

In an event as simple as a simple party or as glam as a wedding. There exists a dynamic between friends, cousins, strangers, the single folk, and the flirts. Spontaneity is bursting all around be it the people in the kitchen, the stories recanted in the living room, the kids at play in the garden or the bar coming alive. Go looking you will find a ton of it – keep shooting.